Park Gallery remains a monument – a living testimony of a dream and an envisioning made by Ramananda Joshi an artist, teacher, activist and a preservationist (1938 – 1988 AD). In 1970 when he initiated the Gallery, he dreamt it as a platform of Art and Art Education for all. Also, the birth of Park Gallery is marked as an event of a historical importance – the first school to learn modern art and a modern art gallery – an institution committed to the ideals of promoting the principles of modern art in Nepal.
In 1988, as the fate would have it the Gallery suffered a sudden but a temporary set back as R N Joshi – the founder, passed away. But the entire Joshi family took the tragedy with great courage and transformed the sorrow and grief into a great strength: and with an exceptional zeal and vigour, not only succeeded to revive but also to provide an absolutely a new modern look to the Gallery in 2006 – as it stands today. Totally renovated Park Gallery once again was re-launched also as an enduring tribute to the Founder – with a special provision of a ‘Hall’ for permanent display of his representative works. In other words, today the Gallery also serves as a miniature museum dedicated to the Founder.
In the subsequent following years, it continued to create many meaningful events in Nepali Art including a memorable milestone event in 2005 – a historic Exhibition entitled ‘doyens of Nepali Art’ – featuring the eminent pioneering artists of the country. For sure, such initiatives taken by Park Gallery would always remain the watershed moments in the annals of Nepali Art history.
As of today, it continues to remain in its ideals propounded by the Founder to work constantly to shape and enrichment of Nepali art – through all the means possible – exhibitions, educational activities, historical preservations and so on.

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