Peace Brigades International (PBI) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), registered by the United Nations, which has had a presence in Nepal since 2006. The objective of the Nepal Project is the protection of Nepalese human rights defenders who are threatened due to their work activities.

To meet this objective, the Nepal Project fields a team of volunteers from all over the world, which is based in Nepal.

The Nepal Project field team accompanies threatened organizations and/or individual human rights defenders, on request, while they are working on issues which put them at heightened risk.

When those we work with are threatened, we call on our wide support network including international stakeholders such as: diplomats and key politicians, NGOs, UN institutions, and governmental and civil employees in order to dissuade any potential attacks.

The Project works according to the philosophy of nonviolence, within the framework of international norms of human rights. It is independent of political and religious agendas. The Nepal Project receives funds from many public and private institutions of different countries.

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