The establishment of Purbanchal University in 1993 was visualized as an extraordinary endeavour by the Government of Nepal to create an academic centre of excellence in the Eastern Development Region of Nepal. Its prime role was outlined to act as a catalytic agent for the promotion of socio-economic transformation in Nepal through quality education appropriate for quality life and sustainable future. Since its establishment, the university is motivated by its fundamental objective of preserving, refining, inventing, adopting, extending and transmitting knowledge in an environment that fosters free enquiry and open scholarly debate, leading to all-encompassing development of the rural people and their economies and environment.

The establishment of Purbanchal University as the public institution has come as a great relief to both urban and rural poor mass wishing to attain higher education within the country. With its affordable fee-structure and expansive premise of over 545 Hectares in rural settings of eastern region of Nepal, this fully autonomous public University is geared to play a substantial role in academic development and quality education in Nepal.

The last fifteen Years has been the acid test period for the University and today it is an accomplished institution in academic arena of Nepal. In spite of its ever-growing popularity within the people and academic society of the country, the University has always strived for achieving higher academic statures in every coming day, month and year.

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