Purnima Collection is one of the Handicrafts selling company of Nepal, authorized by Nepal government. It has been leading manufacture of woolen felt Handicrafts in different designs, sizes and of its colors and as well as collecting different kinds of Crafts Items from different part of Nepal according to the customer’s wants. Purnima collection serves Nepali traditional Art and expertise of handicrafts, this mean it collects various types of handicrafts items from different part of Nepal and exports them to its customer to abroad or in local market.

Nepal, one of a poor but developing country. People in Nepal are suffering from hunger, diseases and miserable living conditions. Access to health and medical care is very limited and lack of knowledge about basic hygiene causes diseases that could have been prevented with little effort. The illiteracy rate is high especially among women, girls and people belonging to the lower casts who furthermore suffer from discrimination and exploitation. All these problems are caused of that Nepal is a poor, undeveloped country. Job opportunity and another business chances are hard to create. Thus Purnima Collection’s core objective is attracting people into the crafts works, in various sectors and types then starts their own business from their home. At the moment of getting big popularity of handicrafts items instate of machine made products in the world, we try our best to promote Nepali traditional Arts, Expertise and crafts works to the international market.

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