ROKPA is a charity founded by Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche from Tibet, Dr. Veit Wyler, and Lea Wyler from Switzerland and is run almost entirely by volunteers all over the world with a mission to support people in need.

ROKPA has been working since 1980 for people in need in India and Nepal and since 1990 in Tibet where it is running over 120 projects. Since the nineties ROKPA also helps in South Africa and Zimbabwe and other countries. In Kathmandu ROKPA gives new life and hope to the poor, homeless and deprived through a yearly soup kitchen, a women’s workshop, a medical tent and a children’s home for former street kids.

Our guest house is the place to stay when visiting Kathmandu. By choosing us you will not just have a pleasant holiday, you will also provide vital support to ROKPA for running some of its major projects in Kathmandu and you will give some ROKPA children (former street kids) jobs as they will be the ones looking after you here. Thus you will become part of the ROKPA family, one of many people from around the world who carry the ROKPA spirit in their hearts.

That is why we call our guest house Your Home Away From Home. By staying with us you give a home to children who wouldn’t have a home at all without you.

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