The word Sanchar in Nepali means Communication and Sancharika likewise means the women communicators while Samuha means Group. Thus, Sancharika Samuha (SAS) is a Forum of women communicators established after the Beijing conference in April 1996 with the objective of promoting a healthier and gender sensitive media.

Regarding its History of establishment, after studying the Beijing Platform for Action (BPFA) closely, small group of women media professionals legally registered “Sancharika samuha” as a non-governmental organization with the objective of taking forward the section “J-Women and Media” in Nepal.Since then Sancharika Samuha has been promoting the creation of a gender equal society by enhancing the capacity of media for promoting equity and equality based development.

As its slogan ‘Communication for Equality’ implies mainstreaming gender in the media has always been the overriding concern of SAS. For this purpose, SAS has been conducting various activities on media advocacy on gender and equality particularly related to reducing gender based violence. SAS has also been conducting activities for raising awareness by conducting public outreach programmes, research, Sancharika feature service, media monitoring and media campaigns. With these activities and programmes, SAS has been able to play a catalyst role between the women’s movement and the media contributing to generate better understanding and bridging the differences that exist.

The mission of the establishment of “Sancharika” is to enhance the capacity of print and electronic media for promoting gender equality and equity based development in Nepal.It also advocates for equality through research and media campaigns.The campaigns and advocacy programs have direct impact on Women.

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