The School of Creative Communications is a unique blend of creativity and communication.

We provide a platform for those who dream of nurturing one’s creativity through communication.

We offer training programs on art, photography, writing, languages; service on translation and curator; archiving of audio, visual and important text; arrange the dialogue and interaction program, event managements; make the multimedia; pre-press service, publications & production; make the library, gallery, museum; organise the exhibition and provides fellowship and grants.

We are group of professionals, working in the field of media, communication and arts. We are writers, photographers, researchers, designer, editors, historians, political scientists, sociologists, visual anthropologists, digital consultant, artists and event mangers.

It is a platform for creators and lovers of creation. It not only allows students explore the world of image-making but gives them the knowledge and opportunities to question beyond the limits of the discipline.

We speak the language of art – which is governed by no rules. In this sense it is not a “school” in the traditional way of thinking. The line drawn for centuries between the students and the teachers, the seniors and juniors are omitted and all sit together to explore the depth of creativeness. There will be walls, chairs, boards, time-table, teachers and students. But we will do our best to help the students cross the limits, as far as it fosters creativity in the newcomers. The teachers will promote the students to question beyond the topics and work outside the box.

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