Return Policy: We take every measure to ensure that our customers’ receive their orders undamaged. Unfortunately, problems do arise sometimes. We advise our customers to immediately check the goods once they arrive at their premises and put forward claims within 1 week for any damaged goods. We may either refund the amount already paid or replace the damaged pieces. Please do not return the goods back to us without informing us first.

Payment Terms: We need 25% advance payment or 30 days letter of credit before start the production together with confirmation of order. As per our export regulations, we cannot ship any order without receiving the payment for it. We have to submit an Advance Payment Certificate (APC) at our customs when shipping. The bank, which issues the APC, only does so after receiving the payment in our favor. Payments can be made in US Dollars, Australian Dollars, UK Pound and Euro currencies.

Shipment: We ship carpets by air or by sea, depending on customer preference. Normally we make sea shipment for large bulk or order i.e. order over 500 sq. m to over 5000 sq.ft. in volume. For smaller order we suggest shipment by air or courier service. For pashmina and knitwear we make air or courier service. Shipment by sea take 35 to 45 days to reach an European sea port and 50 to 60 days to reach North American sea port.

Shipments by air cargo or by a courier services can be delivered within 4 to 10 days in any part of the world.

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