Shree Sampanna Saving & Credit Co- Operative Ltd. is a financial institution that has been established with the aim of pooling the small capital scattered in the society and investing it in productive, employment- generating sectors.

Established in accordance with the Co-operative Act, 2048 BS of Government of Nepal, Shree Sampanna works in the true spirit of this Act. As such, we strive to encourage our member shareholders to save small capital through various deposit schemes, which is then loaned to the members themselves so that they can invest the capital in various productive industries.

We at Shree Sampanna believe that our endeavour will result in uplifting the economic status of the individual, society, and the nation as a whole through proper utilization of capital.

We provide hassle free services, keep our day-to-day work transparent and use modern techniques aided by up-to date equipment and technology so as to make our services efficient and customer friendly. An Advisory Board that consists of highly experienced, knowledgeable professionals guides our institution toward meeting our objectives.

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Fax No.00977 -1 -4244474
Opening daysSun-Fri


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