From its establishment in 16th March 1989 it has continuously provided education that is at par with world standards. It has kept up with its mission to produce student with national and international ability and commitment, enthusiasm for learning, ability to help others through an active social conscience and skills to move on to higher education and prove their caliber with unique Shuvatarian spirit. It’s task is to prepare caring, creative and responsible leaders, bridge the gaps in education and represent all sectors of society irrespective of caste, color, gender, status or beliefs.

It is a friendly co-educational

school with an open door policy that develops not only academically sound but socially responsible and balanced students.


To develop critical thinking, research and problem solving skills and a joy for learning, assisted by IT technology, skilled teachers, project work and a vast repertoire of library resources.

To develop creativity, confidence, imagination and communication skills through a wide range of extra and co-curricular activities like debates quizzes, writing contests, dramas, skits, poetry, presentations and media related activities.

To monitor progress closely through weekly assessments and individual attention with counseling undertaken whenever necessary.

To encourage the development of healthy physical, intellectual, social and spiritual growth and spirit of adventure and “safe” risk taking.

to develop the quality of sportsmanship, fair play and effective performance through various games, sports and Interschool sports, literary, artistic and musical events.

To develop aesthetic values and appreciation of one’s culture, music, dance and language.

To maintain cultural activities of the Azumbari Deusi Pariwar- and the weekly wearing of the national costume.

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Opening daysSun-Fri


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