A long research, analysis, planning and practice of financial market by experienced entrepreneurs led to the concept of Social Development Bank and was incorporated as national level development bank under Nepal government company act 2063. Being new establishment in modern banking sector it aims to be an envoy of social development. Social Development Bank realizes the needs of every citizen to trustfully make business with it so it is dedicated to deliver a unique quality, reliability and trustworthy banking service. For this purpose Social development bank has network of highly dedicated and experienced management team and staffs to fulfill the banking needs of every customer.

Further, being aware about emerging challenges and to keep up with reforms in financial sector, it steps to reshape its role from a development of financial institution.

Social Development Bank Limited started its operation in 2067/06/27. Social Development Bank was incorporated with the objectives of providing unique quality, reliable and modern banking services to stakeholders. Social Development Bank is fully aware of corporate social responsibilities hence is dedicated to build prosperous society and nation. For this Social Development Bank concentrate on trade, industry, agriculture development based projects which we think are the means of poverty alleviation. Reputed economists, bankers, industrialists, businessman, entrepreneurs and financial experts having wide range of public relation are promoters and board of directors of social development bank along with professional management team.

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