Education, indeed is the light of life. Life without education is dark and shapeless. Bhaktapur has been lagging behind in many different aspects of modern advancement. We believe education, is the only, instrument to reach through the darkness of ignorance and, to light the lives of people. With this view in mind, this Springdale E.S.B. School was founded in Bhaktapur in 2044 BS(1988 AD). The main motto of this school is to impart efficient and competent education to the pupils of Bhaktapur. The education imparted here has proved clumsy and unproductive, as it did not help in creating the needed skills and confidence on the pupils of Bhaktapur to cope with the modern world.

Quality in education is the need of today. It was already lacking when the school was founded. Times are changing and we are being left far behind the modern world. The pupils of Bhaktapur are deprived of quality education needed for this present competitive world.

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