Sunbird Publishing House is an innovative non-profit company which aims at publishing and distributing children’s books in Nepal. The company is set up by five women, both ethnic Nepalese and foreign, who have pooled their professionalism in social work, development activities, journalism and publishing. Sunbird Publishing House has two divisions: Ramailo Kitaab (‘Fun Books’) for children aged 2-12) and Yuwa Pushtak (‘Youth Books’) for teenagers. Sunbird’s books are fun to read, and carry a number of good illustrations. Some books carry a development message, others have an educational objective.

Apart from selling the books within the Kathmandu valley, Ramailo Kitaab aims at distributing the books in rural Nepal, through development agencies, distributors and private schools. Ramailo Kitaab´s present port folio consists out of over 15 children´s books. Income is put into a revolving fund allowing books to be reprinted.

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  1. I am interested in getting some books to the young lady I sponsor in Nepal through Save the Children. She is a reader and I am hoping to find appropriate reading material for her. I understand that some Harry Potter books were translated- I read those to my children (and for myself) so I was hoping to get something like this. Please let me know if this is available or other recommendations for a 14 year old. Also I would be interested in providing the library with assorted books if you can let me know what is available. Thank you for your assistance.


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