Super Brain Web Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a Professional IT Education & Computer Training Institute in Nepal–The Super Advantage is a 100% Professional Training in programming languages, you will be professional within 3 months of completion of programming courses at the computer training institute. Over the years, Super has built a strong relationship with International and Nepal’s majors of the IT Companies, providing them with confident and qualified professionals.

Super has always believed in building long lasting relationships, be it with students or with the corporate world. Personalized attention given to students by an approachable and helpful staff makes learning at Super easier. On completion of the training, each student is helped to draft his/her resume and post it on Supers Resume Bank. The Super center will then liaison with the companies on the students behalf to ensure he receives multiple job opportunities.

Super Brain Institute provides following trainings:

Website and Software Development, Web Designing in Nepal, Web Development in Nepal, Software Development in Nepal
Delphi Programming, Web Design with W3C validation, Java Script Programming, Web Redesign, HTML Programming, Application Development, JAVA Programming, E-Commerce Website Development, CMS Development, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Web Development, Ajax Programming, Web Programming, Flash Programming, Web Mastering, XHTML Programming, XML Programming, Graphic Designing, .Net Programming, Database Designing, software development in .Net Platform, KML Programming, Migration from VB to .Net Platform, PHP Programming, Professional Computer Training in Nepal, Programming Courses Training in Nepal, Job Oriented Computer Training in Nepal, Software Development Training in Nepal, Web Development Training in Nepal, Ajax Training, GIS Training, Quality Assurance Training, PHP MYSQL Training, VB.Net Training, Java Training, Java Script Training, JSP Training, J2EE Training, Web Designing Training, CMS Training, Joomla Training, WordPress Training, XML Training, Flash Training, Drupal Training, Autocad Training, SQL Training, HTML Training, Oracle Training, ASP.Net Training, XHTML Training,
C#.Net Training, KML Training

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Opening daysSun-Fri


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