The dawn of 2005 brought The Next in the abroad study scenario registering under the company act of Nepal Government. We are situated at the downtown, Putalisadak, Kathmandu, way to Dillibazar just about 50 meters away from the main road. The Next was with some consultancy services only on its initial phase helping students wishing to pursue further study abroad. But, even a short span brought it to the lime light and it’s a reputed education consultant now. The Next is well equipped with the modern facilities and aids to facilitate the learning. Rooms are well-equipped with computers and other related aids such as, audio/visual etc. Along with consultation we are recruiting a considerable number of Nepalese students to their desired universities and colleges abroad. Measuring the contentment of many students and their guardians, we are now showered with their unconditional love proving the bricks to the success which has triggered the expansion of our facilities for the students of all levels and faculties. The Next with its incessant services to students willing to carry on higher study abroad has created own border in study abroad consultation and the most reliable source. Student in various faculties and the institutions abroad find our services satisfactory and we promise future students too will discover the same, even more. The Next is now working with many globally recognized educational institutions. The Next stands with fervor, reliability, and firm commitment to the objective of all students wishing to study abroad. Only purpose behind its commencement is to help all the Nepalese students to carry on education abroad. Almost all our directors are related to the educational field and well versed with necessary procedures involved in abroad study. We would love to see the handsome career of all which will prove at least some strength to our nation.

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