The road to freedom is paved with education” and a major part of anyone’s learning and education are books. Here at VAJRA BOOK SHOP we supply books from tourists guides and information books to research books for scientific and academics all at competitive prices. Our selection of books on Nepal and Tibet cover all aspects, Art, Religion, Ethnic and Indigenous people, Food, Handicrafts, etc; etc; and, of course, books on Trekking, Rafting, Mountaineering and Wildlife.

It is not only books that people read and, as Nepal is the worlds center for adventure, we supply our own SHANGRI LA MAPS too.

For whatever reason that you require books, maps and guides VAJRA BOOK SHOP can supply them to you.

BIDUR DANGOL has worked in the book industry for over 26 years and has a great knowledge of books and what his clients require. He is the Proprietor of VAJRA BOOKS and Director of SHANGRI-LA MAPS and he also runs his own publishing business, so if you have an idea for a book then Bidur is the name to see. Publishing can be expensive but we try to keep prices as low as possible, without losing in our publications.

We trade in Nepal but we are open to trade enquires for books and maps from all over the world and give trade discount to traders and bulk buyers.

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