Whitefield is a co-educational sister institution functioning under the management of the Raktakali Education Foundation [REF] which has successfully accomplished two and half decades in imparting quality and scientific education to the children of diverse background.

At Whitefield, we try our best, besides instilling knowledge and skills, to propagate good culture, character and behavior in students in a potent way. We also attempt to inculcate and develop philanthropic nation in their growing minds by engaging them in various social activities within and outside the school. We always Endeavour to make them independent and develop curiosity of knowing the unknown by assigning them various research oriented activities and project works, thereby instilling leadership quality in them and thus translating their dreams of being something in future into reality. It is our utmost pleasure and pride to see the success of our children in the pursuit of academic excellence.

For your kind reference, we would like to mention a few proven examples of our product who are making outstanding performances in the academic field. Our ex-students Ms Pooja Shrestha was honored with Aishwarya Vidya Padak and Indira Upadhya Gold Medal. Sunena Shelalik and Sabina Dangol have topped T.U. in BBS level exam of 2058, Ms. Sunena Shelalik was honoured with Mahendra Vidya Bhusan and Rupendra Cholodya has topped the HSEB exam from the science stream with 87.86% in the year 2058. The credit of this grand accomplished party goes to our valued parents, guardians and well wishers who have believed us and recognized our sustained devotion and commitment. The other part of the credit undeniably moves on to our teaching and administrative personnel with students who have been relentlessly making tremendous contribution for the promotion and success of this institution. As we are very much glad to receive incessant support and co-operation from the parents and guardians, we are still very much hopeful that we will have the participation of larger number of parents in the ensuing academic session of 2063 for the further expansion of this institution.

Therefore, with the outset of new academic session-2063, we would like to give a warm welcome to those who want to be a part of this institution and make their future bright.

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