To create an environment for educational world where every children can have access to quality education at affordable low price.

Mission & Goal

To provide quality education at low cost.

To produce students with confidence and skills, forge them into a capable and responsible citizen.

To promote good conduct, high sense of morality and discipline so as to develop and shape multi-dimensional personality of students.

To prepare individuals for the society and nation.

To provide education in order to relate it to life, needs and aspirations of the country.

Our aim is to provide quality education to help student realize their inherent potential and bring out their latent talents, to make them aware of what they are capable of, to enable them to face challenges of this modern era and to prepare them for the future.
Basu School History

Basu School has come a long way almost two dacades providing education upto SLC and recently Higher Secondary Level [10 +2] as well from 2061 BS. The first batch of SLC consisted of merely 6 students.

Additional Info

Opening daysSun-Fri


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