Child Welfare Scheme Nepal was emerged as a grassroots NGO working in the remote hill villages of western Nepal. When CWSN was established in 1997, the situation of children in the hill villages was very difficult due to poverty and socioeconomic disparities. It was further complicate by the civil war started in 1996. Though the adverse situation affected everyone’s life in Nepal, children from deprived families were highly affected. They did not have easy access to basic services such as primary health care and education leading to poor health and educational status of these children. CWSN was created to help these children at local level. To address these problem, CWSN initiated a Day Care Health Centre (DCHC) project in a direct participation of the local people. This was a unique project that combined early education and primary health care. Since then CWSN has grown organically and now become one of the leading child-centred grassroot organisations in the western region of Nepal. We have our headquarter in Pokhara Sub-metropolitan City but the projects are delivered at a large number of sites in rural and urban areas where the level of need is high.

CWSN aims to improve the lives of the most poor and marginalised children and young people in Nepal through improved health, education and protection. We also work with families and communities in order to improve the lives of their children and young people. We operate mainly at the grassroots level with the active participation of disadvantaged children and young people, their families and their communities in order to help them to achieve lasting change, recognising that their involvement in the work at every level is crucial to their own development. We also advocate on behalf of our target groups at district, regional and national level and our ethos are strongly driven by Child Rights. We believe in the power and effectiveness of collaborative working and have joined forces with other public, private and voluntary organisations to provide better and more efficient services to our target groups. Our projects and programmes are based on children’s needs and also they are influenced by the bigger picture, such as national strategy, poverty reduction targets and Millennium Development Goals.

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