With the motto of Speed and reliability matters, ClassicTech Pvt. Ltd is a very fast growing broadband Internet Service Provider, serving large area with broadband Internet services using the latest Fiber and Wireless technologies. We are developing new and innovative suites of services making it a faster, easier and smarter Internet experience for all our users. ClassicTech is growing from a small business to a strong and stable corporation with high quality services, professional staff and expanding customer base.

Our Services

WiFi Hotspots: We have greatly enhanced the coverage of our WiFi and wireless broadband services enabling us to serve more customers and more places. Enjoy WiFi access anywhere anytime you want, through your cell phones and laptops. Using CT WiFi has become even easier.

AirMax Wireless: On our wireless services, we have deployed the latest AirMax technology that allows us to provide better reliability, higher throughput and longer range than any other technology currently available. This enables us to provide your 24×7, reliable Internet connectivity for your all Internet needs. Now you can watch streaming video, use video-chat, audio-chat and Internet telephony anytime you want without getting disconnected or delayed due to buffering.

OptMax: We have also expanded our Fiber Optics network in the Kathmandu valley enabling us to provide bandwidth demanding Internet services in more places targeting business and power

IP-Telephony: We have improved upon our Internet Telephony services by building servers close to our customers, better rates and higher reliability. Customers take advantage of our services to
greatly reduce their International telephone expenses and also enjoy the ease of use our service offers.

Service Expansion: We have been providing broadband services in both urban and rural areas.Though initially concentrated in the Kathmandu Valley, we are gradually expanding our services outside, as well. We are fully equipped to cater to both residential and business users.

Take a look around our site, give us a try, and we think you’ll agree.

With ClassicTech you get the freedom and power to optimize your digital life and control over what, when and how you connect. Plus a company you can trust.

Additional Info

Fax No. 01-4485031
Opening daysSun-Fri


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