Deerwalk is a healthcare analytics and “custom” software development company focused on delivering Big Data solutions to the healthcare industry. The healthcare IT space is cluttered with solutions built on technology that is 15 years old. At Deerwalk, we are bringing healthcare IT into the future. Deerwalk is led by Rudra Pandey and Jeff Gasser who were part of the founding team at D2Hawkeye. Deerwalk’s senior executive team has more than 50 years of healthcare IT experience and more than 100 years in management at the C-Suite level of healthcare businesses. We have a senior engineering team highly experienced in Apache Hadoop, HBase, Elastic Search and other Big Data technologies. We not only bring great products and services to our clients, but often subject matter expertise as well.

Deerwalk is focused on bringing the next generation of healthcare solutions to our clients. Rather than focus on building software products, we have focused on building healthcare platforms. Our experience has taught us that every client has unique needs. To be effective, a solution must be able to be adapted to meet the client’s needs. We have also learned the importance of speed of implementation. Solutions should be implemented in weeks, not months. Training should take hours, not days. Implementation and data storage costs should be minimal. We have also learned the value of a suite of solutions. Deerwalk offers solutions that range from medical management workflow tools to analytics engines to member portals.

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