The word ‘Dorje’ is the religious symbol of love, peace. protect and power. It is also known as Viswa vajra. In Buddhist Tantra the word generally designates sunya or void which can not be cut, can not be destroyed but which destroys all evils. Dorje Handicraft is the manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of genuine Nepalese handicraft with initial value of Dorje. Dorje Handicraft commenced in 2002 in the local market and since 2004, the company has successfully done business in the international market. It is multinational national company also Germany. In present, Dorje Handicraft sells more than 80% of its product all over the European countries, Australia, America, Middle East and China.

The Dorje Handicraft Company is well known in the international market for its high quality singing bowl. The singing bowl from Dorje Handicraft is highly demanded by professional therapists, Musicians and relaxation purpose. The ancient and traditional singing bowls are collect from the Himalayas, mountain region and also the company has been producing according to tradition in the eastern part of Nepal. The bowls are tested by the professional therapists and Musician for special frequency, ton and vibration. This is highly demanded in the treatment of many purpose. The Dorje handicraft has carving singing bowl with soul touching mantras like OM MANI PADME HOM (Buddhist),OM NAMA SHIVAYA & SHREE GANESHAYA NAMA (Hindu).In special order, the dorje group also exports singing bowl with different religious mantras, symbols, God figure like Shiva, Ganesha, Budhha, Green Tara, White Tara, Jesus etc. Dorje Handicraft Company is also popular for its high quality pasmina, woolen product, garments, exclusive silver jewelery, metal Statue, Wooden statue, Cristal and Stone craft as well. More than 70% of product is fair trade.

Dorje Handicraft Company is not only a profit making company. It is a socio-economical company,Which is devoted in with social activities to help rural areas of Nepal. Such as donating for education in remote area of Nepal and from this year the management of the company has declared 2% of total profit of company to poor kids for their education in the remote Parts of the country.

Through this web portal, we have placed and displayed maximum range of available product of Dorje Handicraft. The latest design and model of the products are placed on this portal. We hope it will make easy to access our valuable product. We heartily welcome you in the world of typical Nepali Handicraft.

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