Godavari is located approximately ten kilometers from both Patan and Kathmandu, and many outdoor enthusiasts flock here to enjoy the breathtaking views and beautiful landscapes. It is known as one of the popular hikingdestinations in Nepal for its rich wildlife and natural splendor. Visitors can reach Godavari by bus from Patan and they are able to catch a glimpse of quaint towns such as Thaiba and Harisiddhi along the way. The historical aspects of Godavari date back to the Kirat Period, during the uprising of the Soma dynasty. King Nimisha became the first king in Nepal to originate from the Soma dynasty and took up his position in 205 AD. With Nimisha defeating King Gasti and taking his throne the Kirati reign over Nepal came to an end. King Nimisha constructed his new palace in the town of Godavari and was also responsible for the restoration of the Pashupatinath Temple, including the erection of the four faced linga. Nimisha’s victory and rule brought about the Godavari-Mela festival that is still celebrated in Godavari. The festival only takes place every twelve years and visitors that are lucky enough to be in the area during this period should appreciate and enjoy every moment. The Royal Botanical Garden in Godavari attracts many local residents and visitors over the weekends. The garden is an extravaganza of plants, trees, ferns, flowers and orchids. Most of the plants within the garden are marked, making recognition much easier. Godavari is also famous for its breathtaking butterflies, which can be seen gliding peacefully amongst the beauty and splendor of the garden. Avid bird watchers can be spotted in the garden, patiently waiting to view some of the rare and unique birds. Another popular attraction in Godavari, is the Godavari Kunda, or Godavari Spring. It is a sacred and religious site that is absolutely fascinating. Gargoyles carved from stone will lead visitors to the tank of sacred water. This water flows from within the temple’s courtyard to the tank. Many legends are connected to the spring and the Madras River. The marble quarry that has operated in the region since the year 1890 has caused mass deforestation, exposing the 2 762 meter Pulchowki mountain. Visitors that summit the “Place of Flowers” will find the Pulchowki Mai shrine, in dedication to the goddess of the forest. Godavari is also home to the Mohan Meakin Brewery and a meteorological observatory.

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