Jomsom Mountain Resort is located at a High Himalayan settlement of Thakali speaking people. At 8,800 ft.(2,800 m) the Resort is among the few places in Nepal where giant Himalayan peaks can be admired safely and yet at such close proximity.
Mt. Nilgiri as seen from resort rooms
About 500 feet below the resort is the Kali Gandaki river which flows downstream to form the deepest gorge in the world(Guinness Book of World Records). The most breathtaking sight of all is right in front of the resort.

Every room offers unparalleled view of the majestic Nilgiri mountain(7061 m). If you love the mountains and are also environmentally conscious about their preservation, then this is the holiday you’ve been dreaming about. A holiday in Jomsom will relieve your mind of tensions, cleanse your soul and revitalize your body!

Rustic and starkly built to blend in with the local ambience, JMR is an architectural wonder. Every piece of the resort, except the stones, was flown to the location from Kathmandu and Pokhara. From coffee tables to TV sets, every single piece was painstakingly put into place to create this wonder. Offering all modern facilities in a land that seems to have been captured in a time capsule, Jomsom Mountain Resort is truly a Himalayan oasis.

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Fax No.977-69-440041
Opening daysSun-Fri


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