Continental has come a long way after its journey in diversified fields about two decades. It gives me immense pleasure and pride to have been an integral part of this group. The experience so far has been really fulfilling and I am especially happy to have touched the lives of so many different people of Nepal in various ways. Ever since its inception, Continental has always put first the value to our stakeholders, more importantly the customers, as its driving force. This tradition has led to the growth of the group in various different areas. In all the different areas of our operations, we have delivered the best of our services without compromising a bit on quality. I believe that is why, we have achieved a decent success in all our endeavors. For the future, we have planned to establish a state-of-the-art facility from where we will be providing all sales and after sales services for all kinds of equipments and automotives that we distribute in Nepal. Further, we have expansive plans on our other holdings in trading, housing and financial sectors.

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