Where the Sal forest of the Chitwan jungle meets the wide and beautiful valley of the Rapti river, the world is wild and splendid. Broad grassland sweeps north to the Mahabharata range and virgin jungle extends south to the Churia hills. For centuries the dense jungle bordering on the foothills of the Himalayas formed an impenetrable barrier, keeping Nepal a hidden and mysterious kingdom. The last three decades have seen that barrier breached, but the jungle of the Chitwan National Park remains a world apart. Here the spirit of great explorer-adventurers still lives.

With the opening of Machan Wildlife Resort way back in 1987 a new chapter was written in adventure and exploration in the Chitwan jungle. The perfect beauty of its setting allowed one to realize a fantasy most of us have cherished since childhood: the spirit of Mowgli in the world of Rudyard Kip ling. Machan Wildlife Resort had been a popular retreat for almost three decades. Complementing Machan Wildlife Resort, is Machan Paradise View and the most recent, Machan Country Villa.

Unfortunately, Machan Wildlife Resort had to close down due to stringent government policies which caused a vaccum in the market for wildlife enthusiasts. Never the less with a positive attitude and keeping in mind that When one door closes the other opens. We have been successfully catering our guests at both the resorts: Machan Paradise View and Machan Country Villa.

Whether you want total relaxation or a wide range of activities and cultural excursions, we present Machan Resorts to your choice!

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