NATIONAL CANCER HOSPITAL (NCH) is one of the first private cancer hospital established in 2009 with the main goal of providing quality and affordable care to the community. Parallel to the provision of high quality care to the patients from all over the country, National Cancer Hospital is committed to the training of the younger generation of specialists to continue the work for a long time to come. To achieve the goal, National Cancer Hospital has hired more than 100 staff and providing an array of medical, surgical and managerial skills.

In the establishment of new hospital the first step always begins with an idea born in the mind of some individuals. Exactly here one individual felt that similar idea was born in his mind and that is to establish the 25 bedded National Cancer Hospital Pvt. Ltd. to provide all services related to cancer like surgery and chemotherapy etc.

Regarding current scenario of Kathmandu, there are adequate number of general hospitals, but cancer specialist hospital is solely located in Bhaktapur. Thus idea of opening Cancer specialist hospital in Jawalakhel played a vital role in impressing other people too. The idea is attractive and competent, so he was able to gather the support of more people, first small group then gradually other people also became highly interested and ready for establishment of this hospital. Finally it was established with a name of National Cancer Hospital Pvt. Ltd. The preliminary amount of NRS Rs. 9.9 Lacks (Ninety Nine Lacks only) was invested as initial capital and covers 6 Ropanis (3053.532 Square meter space) of leased property.

We are proud to say that demand of services providing by this hospital is unexpectedly high within short period of establishment. Unfortunately current factual scenario is that we are unable to provide radiotherapy service, although its demand is rising day-by-day. Due to inadequate fund, expensive radiotherapy machine we are unwilling ready to refer to other hospital.

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