Nepal Biogas Promotion Association (NBPA) is a non-profit organization which has been established as an umbrella organization by and for the Nepalese biogas construction companies in 1994. Its aim is the sustainability of the biogas development programme in Nepal.
NBPA is active in the promotion, coordination, R&D, and training of biogas technology in Nepal.
At present NBPA represents more than 114 biogas construction companies and 17 aplliances workshops.
NBPA has one central office in Kathmandu and seven regional offices throughout Nepal.

NPBA strengthens the position of the biogas companies within a market oriented biogas sector and meets the demands of a growing biogas user community.
NBPA promotes the by-products of the biogas technology which are used to generate additional economic and environmental benefits.
Women and children, as the chiefly affected group, benefit from the positive impacts on health and living conditions.

NBPA contributes to an improved quality of life and better economic conditions of the Nepalese population through the promotion of renewable energy technology.

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