Netmax Technologies founded in the year 2009 serves as an ISP (Internet service provider) in Nepal. We deliver high speed internet and VPN (Virtual Private Network) to our clients through our wide network of optical fiber and our wireless network with Wi-Fi internet facilitates the to clients for reliable internet connectivity at reasonably priced tariff. Our Internet telephony service under the brand name “Call Max” is popular for economical rates for making international calls from Nepal.

Technology is rapidly changing and being in the internet industry where innovation leads ahead, we believe in maintaining quality of service with as much as possible economical rates so that our clients benefit the use of recent updates in their services. Besides, we aim to develop a pleasant relationship with our clients and prospects and use their feedback as an advice to step ahead.

We believe in maximum utilization and output from the internet for any individual as well as organizations, hence, our system personnel will always be there for your assistance for troubleshooting your problems and queries. Our state of the art hardware and software systems is able to cater the internet and intranet requirements of small, medium as well as large enterprises spread across multiple locations. Our expertise in Internet telephony service obliges us to make international calls via internet cheaper than the domestic calls.

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