Tamsaling Nepal Rastriya Dal is a political party of Nepal. The party was officially founded on February 4, 2008 but had been registered with the Election Commission of Nepal in October 2007, ahead of the 2008 Constituent Assembly election. The founders of the party come from Nepal Tamang Ghedung and other Janajati groups. The party works for a democratic republic, ethnic and regional autonomy and an election system based upon proportional representation.

ताम्सालिङ–नेपाल राष्ट्रिय दलको बारेमा आवश्यक जानकारी लिनको लागि सम्पर्कः

टेक बहादुर तामाङ
केन्द्रीय महासचिव तथा प्रचार प्रसार विभाग प्रमुख

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