We are living in an age of information, where we talk about the new economy that is about a world in which investments are made on buying new concepts rather than new machines. This new economy brings a digital divide, where those with access to information technology have great advantages over those without access to it. In this regard True Color (P.) Ltd is one of the leading companies of Nepalese IT scenario, which truly deal with web hosting and networking to help speeding the information processing capabilities and connectivity of computers in any organization.

True color believes in the latest Internet technologies, which can substantially increase the efficiency of organizational activities as well as communication and collaborations among the people responsible for their operation and management. Therefore, True Color Come up with the slogan “Technology for Sustainable Development”. We believe Nepal can prosper ultimately with the implementation of Information Technology in every sector. Hence, we also serve our valued clients with services like affiliation, web establishment, web development, web promotion etc.

Moreover, True Color deals with every aspect of E-business to bridge the gap of traditional transaction system in any kind of business. Further our valued clients are provided with the MIS Consultants, Hardware & software according to the individual need of any organizations at a very cost effective price.

In addition, we simply assist to explore the platform to trap the demands and needs of information technology to hike up the business success in this throat competition age. Hence, we cordially invite our clients; Let us serve you for your success according to this changing global business structure.

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